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Irresponsible Service of Alcohol is a comedy series about Tom, who after being cut off from his parent’s money fund gets his first job as a bartender at his local pub. When Tom starts he has never had a proper job before, let alone worked in a pub filled with such a crazy mix of people. The staff, who range from the bitter and twisted bartender Max, to the customer serviced focused straight laced Tony, to gossip queen Katrina, to the Sherlock Holmes wanna-be security guard Harry, and to the chef who is referred to as Warlord for the way he runs his kitchen, all lend a helping hand (or not) in trying to teach Tom the skills of the job. But Tom is more interested in winning over the affections of Erin, whom he instantly falls in love with. The requirements of the job and the situations he finds himself in only work as obstacles in his path and he soon discovers that if he is to keep his position and have any success with Erin, learning how to deal with everyone is a lot more difficult than trying to just pour a beer.

Starring Sweeney Young, Scott Brennan, Luke Stephens, Kyrie Capri, Natalia Nespeca, Declan McGovern, Michael Cahill, Katherine Halliday
Directed by Rob Innes
Screenplay by Rob Innes
Produced by Britta Drevermann & Rob Innes. Producer's Assistant: Stephanie Pringle