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After a massive team effort over a very short time, we have completed "Lake Breeze".   This film was inspired by this year's Tropfest theme; "Change". 

Together with Kat Talbot, we came a across an idea for a film that had us both laughing. Frantically, we wrote the piece over a number weeks knowing that it was going to be very tough ask to have it done in time for this year's Tropfest.  

It was important for us to get the script right.  When we were laughing we knew we were on a good thing!  Fortunately, the concept and writing impressed many others allowing us to assemble a cast and crew who were all onboard to make it a winner! Due to the quick turn around, I decided to direct the film.  This I knew was going to be a monumental task but, I thought it would be a good lesson as actor and artist to try my hand at this special craft. 

It was a marathon effort by everyone involved but, given the results - we're all stoked with what we achieved in the short amount of time we had for Pre and post production!  We think we have a cracker!!