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THE HECKER Wins Best Ensemble Award @ the LA Comedy Festival!

Congratulations to Steve Mitchell and Ben Plazzer and the rest of the cast and crew for their Award! 

We filmed The Heckler last year and it featured a hilarious cast that included local actors and comedians. Fingers crossed that The Heckler can be picked up!  

Courage receives Official Selection for the Made In Melbourne Film Festival!

Yes, our film COURAGE will be joining one of our other films, LAKE BREEZE at the Made In Melbourne Festival. COURAGE will screen on the closing night of the film festival on Sunday November 30th at 7.30pm.  Come along!

Ticket info here:

LAKE BREEZE - Finalist in up coming Made In Melbourne Film Festival!

We are thrilled to announce that Lake Breeze will be screening on Saturday November 29 at Revolt, Melbourne!

Ana Kokkinos Workshop

Best workshop ever!

This weekend Ana Kokkinos pushed us all to new heights with her two day workshop at Brave studios.  It was an amazing "Intense" workshop with a talented hard working group of actors. Inspiring stuff!

Feeling good about my craft! Exciting times ahead! Love being an actor.

Ana Kokkinos : Director, Writer, Producer.

Another Commercial!

This TVC was a cracker to shoot!  A great creative team, crew, producer... We had a blast!

Courts Des Isles International Film Festival!

"Courage" has cracked another International Festival!  This time it has been screened in French!  Were stoked! Congrats again to all cast and crew!

Coney Island International Film Festival!

"Courage" was picked up by the Coney Island Film Festival in September!  Word on the street is that the festival was a great success!  We were stoked to be have been part of the festival and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to have had our film screened to such great audiences!  Congrats to all!

Charlie Chaplin Interanational Comedy Festival!

"Courage" Screened at the Charlie Chaplin International Comedy Festival in Ireland!  From all reports it went very well!  It's great to have the Irish enjoying some good ol' Aussie humour!