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Charlie Chaplin Interanational Comedy Festival!

"Courage" Screened at the Charlie Chaplin International Comedy Festival in Ireland!  From all reports it went very well!  It's great to have the Irish enjoying some good ol' Aussie humour!


After a massive team effort over a very short time, we have completed "Lake Breeze".   This film was inspired by this year's Tropfest theme; "Change". 

Together with Kat Talbot, we came a across an idea for a film that had us both laughing. Frantically, we wrote the piece over a number weeks knowing that it was going to be very tough ask to have it done in time for this year's Tropfest.  


"Courage" has received it's 4th gong!  This time at the Eugene International Film Festival.  In the last few months it has screened at the KahBang International Film Festival in Maine, USA,  The Charlie Chaplin International Comedy Festival in Ireland and The Coney Island Film Festival in New York!   We're stoked with the response it is receiving overseas!  More news to come!


Our leading lady, Alinta Chidzey won a Greenroom Award tonight for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical - Chess!  Congrats to Alinta!

Up coming TV Comedy Series!

Over the past few months I have been working with Katrina Talbot (Mamma Mia!) & Emma Powell (Busting Out/Dumped! The Musical) on a tv comedy series!

More details are to come! It's shaping up to be deadly...


Lift - A short film we shot in January is now completed!

Featuring Simon Mallory, CJ Fontuna and Luke Stephens. Written by Steve Mtichell, Directed by Ben Plazzer for Inspiration Studios.

It was awesome getting back together with some of the old gang from Hard Rubbish, including Simon Mallory & Steve Mitchell! The shoot was very challenging, having to work in lift for many hours!  Well done to all cast & crew!  


How I Became A Vegetarian - A Feature Film!

Over the past few months I have been fortunate enough to work with a great creative team on How I Became A Vegetarian.

It features a great cast including Simon Mallory, CJ Fortuna & Dave Lawson... To name only a few! 

This film is sure to be a cracker!

Directed by Ben Plazzer

Written by Steve Mitchell

Inspiration Studios

COURAGE Cast & Crew Screening a hit!

Thank you to all those who made our premiere such a success! It was a wonderful turnout and the response was overwhelming!  

COURAGE welcomes Australia's top Musical Director Stephen Amos!

Stephen Amos, one of Australia's top Musical directors has jumped onboard!  Stephen's credits include Hairspray, Mama Mia!, Westside Story, Phantom of the Opera and most recently MoonShadow! COURAGE is shaping up to be awesome thanks to the great creative team we have! Stay tuned for more!